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Multipanel UK Limited operate a combination of Customs Warehousing and Inward Processing Regimes for the import of raw materials and subsequent processing into products. Over 50% of resultant products are exported. The Regimes were managed by a third party who served notice of termination due to a strategic review of their service offering.

Multipanel sought to replace, improve, and extend the services of the incumbent. The scope of services delivered comprised the following.

  • Project Management: Leading the stakeholders in both the delivery of the solution and the realisation of the operational model.
  • Technical Design and Implementation: Design of the interface specifications and the operational model.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: A high level of automation was required to minimise effort through automation.
  • Optimisation of Regime Management: Minimisation of the duty liability to Multipanel through advanced regime management.
  • Import and Export Declarations: Complete declaration coverage of import to regimes, discharge between regimes, exports, and discharge to free circulation combined with imports and exports of free circulation goods.
  • Operations Management: Design of operational processes. Coordination and centralised tracking of both import and export supply chain activities.


We delivered the solution via our ISO 9001 management system, covering ‘Software development and consultancy, systems integration, and the provision of managed IT services’. We used our Project Management Methodology leveraged over our proprietary Process Management and Tracking System to coordinate and control all activities pursuant to delivery and subsequent operations.

We phased the delivery over technical solution design and build, the transition of regime stock from the incumbent platform to our new platform, and the progressive release of regime management routings. The approach to the initial release was ‘big bang’, with no going back, requiring high levels of quality control and considerable system and process testing before going live. The flexibility of our platform allowed us to switch to increasingly complex regime management techniques progressively.

Technical Solution

The technical solution was delivered over our proprietary customs automation platform. The scope of regime management activities covered is imports, exports, Warehouse to IP (goods and products), IP to Warehouse (goods and products), scrapping, return of goods to the supplier, return of goods from customers, and disassembly of products for remanufacture. Our solution comprised:

  • Regime Stock Management: At the solution’s core is our novel ledger-based system for HMRC Regime stock management. This records transactions that directly mirror the movements of raw materials, conversion to products, and the movement of products. This is all based on control accounts designed to match the configuration of Customs Procedure Codes in use.
  • Data Integration: Handling Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) partitioned into data feeds for imports, material library (recording of assets against imports), production (processing to products), and shipments (exports and release to free circulation). The controller is configurable and extendable regime routings and approaches.
  • Declarations: Highly automated declaration preparation based on data integration and configurable rules. Automated distribution of HMRC notifications to the supply chain. Storage of evidence.
  • Process Management and Tracking: Our proprietary extendible platform for the design and implementation of workflows and subsequent tracking. We deployed the solution in combination with the MarineTraffic API to monitor the movement of ships, facilitate the scheduling of import activities, make payment of carrier shipping fees, and coordinate haulage operations. The platform covers all of our internal operations, and includes integration with our front desk for the preparation and submission of import/export declarations and exception management.


Out Satisfication Result

Seamless transition of


Reduction in declaration


Offset of duty liability


We delivered the solution right first time with no downtime to operations. The new services increased automation, extended regime management routings for increased duty liability savings, and reduced operational costs.


What Multipanel say about us

“We have been impressed with Bacsoft’s capability in project delivery, operations delivery, quality standards and customer services. We can rely on Bacsoft’s fastidious attention to detail and desire to meet our future needs."

Aleksey Shnitikov

(Multipanel UK)

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